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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Signs of Pregnancy? Or Just PMS?

The process of TTC makes generally makes women focus more on how their bodies feel or look than they ever have before. It becomes very easy to over-analyze every little twinge or appearance of something perceived to be “new.”

It would be wonderful if some symptom would be concrete evidence of a pregnancy before a period is missed, but that is not realistic. Unfortunately many symptoms of early pregnancy can occur for reasons unrelated to pregnancy. You may have experienced these things after ovulation in other cycles and just not noticed them because you were not focused on TTC at that time. You may be experiencing “new” feelings or symptoms if you recently discontinued hormonal birth control methods. It is also possible that you are so focused on TTC that you have psychosomatic symptoms caused by wanting to be pregnant so badly. It is important to realize that having these symptoms may not be a sign of pregnancy at all.

Some early“signs” of pregnancy are discussed below:

Nausea: could be morning sickness, other illness, or just related to anxiety or excitement about TTC

Fuller/Heavier Breasts: could be pregnancy, but many women experience this either after ovulation or close to when they expect their period regardless of pregnancy

Breast Tenderness/More Sensitive Nipples: could be pregnancy or just normal response to hormones near the time of your period

More Pronounced Glands on Areolas: You may notice little bumps on the dark skin surrounding your nipples. These are called Montgomery’s Tubercles and they are little glands that secrete oils to keep your nipple area soft and supple. Many women have noticeable bumps at various points in their cycles whether pregnant or not. It is normal to have anywhere from 4-28!

Cramps/Twinges in the Pelvic Region: could be a symptom of a pregnancy implanting or it could just be due to normal reproductive organ activity

Implantation Spotting: This is more the exception than the norm. Some women have a bit of spotting when their fertilized egg implants. This usually happens around 7 – 10 days past ovulation. Spotting can also be due to a number of other things as well though.

Implantation Dip: If you are charting, you may see one of these. Again, these are more the exception that the norm. Only 28% of charts from pg women show an actual implantation dip.

Increased Amount of Creamy CM near the time AF is expected: most women do have an increased amount of vaginal discharge during pregnancy, but CM is an extremely variable and subjective thing and so it may be due to hormones and not pregnancy.

Increased Fatigue: could be pregnancy or might be just plain tiredness from your busy life

Moodiness/Highly Emotional: could be pregnancy related or might also just be PMS

The bottom line is this – you may have all of these so called symptoms and not be pregnant and you may have none of them and still get your BFP. Paying attention to what your body is telling you is a good thing, but remember that no signs are concrete. If you get very excited about these signs you might be setting yourself up for disappointment though. Try to relax and remain objective, as hard as it may be as you wait to see if you were successful this cycle